Sound Visions

by Weird Sex

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released November 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Weird Sex Columbus, Ohio

Connor Ross- Guitar, Vocals
Alex Pritchard- Drums
Matt Francis-Bass
Colin Higgs- French Horn
Mark Adkins- Guitar, Trumpet
Will Walters- Saxophone, Flute

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Track Name: Rolling/Running
The light will suspend in the air right above it
The hills will roll till they all come tumbling with dew
But I don’t know how to it, find the right lines that could cut right through it
Natural beauty a bastard could covet
Doesn’t even know that he don’t know how to love it so true
But he might look through it, never find the time to come home to it
I feel a little horse run through my veins, it draws me near, it knows my name
I have a little story in my head, it comes naturally, it drives me insane
Time flows its own way,
Time comes, it won’t stay
Time keeps me hanging on
Time leaves me lonely
I hear a little bird that sure can sing, I hear a familiar tune that makes my ears ring
I’ll plant a little seed that sure can grow, it blooms so real, it makes the earth scream
Life comes in a single sitting, what is there to lie about?
Coming down is such a feeling, nothing to get high about
Preparing for every sequence happening all on their own
There’s a place to be but not after already leaving home
Track Name: Blooms
A gently breeze blows through the trees
It makes the girls real happy
The dandelions lose their seeds
Let’s really spread the loving
A baby’s born and buried deep, he’ll have his father’s leaves

Grows and grows just like a weed
Our arms are all outstretching
Finds himself beneath the feet
The pressure’s really coming
Of someone much bigger than he, and now he’s finally free

Babies born and raised, while parents take their praise
Until they reach an inch too tall
Running through the wild, I was once a child
Until the world just grew too small

Rolling hills of untouched ground
Our eyes can’t see such beauty
Empty space to build new towns
Let’s squeeze in nice and cozy
Tomorrow doesn’t make a sound, we’re living in the now

Parents build their children homes
This land is solely for me
Love them till they’re fully grown
You’re special in your own way
The only love they’ve ever know, until they’re on their own

Baby doll, undress; let me see those breasts
I can’t recall just who I am
Reminds me of someone, when I was her son
A mother’s arms can’t hold you too long
Track Name: Finish Up
I was walking on the dirty side of the sidewalk and I didn’t even know which street I was on.
I felt so filthy, that road was so long.
Didn’t even get a chance to get both shoes off by the time that I got in the door.
I was digging around deep down in my pockets for change, and I needed some more.
The dangerous eyes that feel no pain and roll back high don’t see any more.

Back and forth, you’ll be who I wear.
Through the door, I can take you there.
On the floor, something we can share.
Nothing more, I’ll be who’s aware.

I was turning the kitchen light, stumbling around in the dark for drink when I got out of bed.
Cracked all my toes, I was walking around my fingers and I rolled on my head.
I was thirsty enough to whittle myself down to a soul who just wanted a drink.
I had no way to get back into bed.
As I laid on the floor and I died, I had no more to see.

I taste your colors, ecstasy runs through my tongue, it’s bittersweet.
I feel the blood rush to my head, I’d rather mix and match instead.
I feel your nails are digging me, they leave the marks that I can’t see.
The signature carved in my mind, I can’t seem to leave it behind.
Track Name: The Night
I dove into a puddle headfirst, deeper than I thought (I thought I knew it)
I rose to catch my breath, and I found that I was lost (I thought I knew it)
I recognize a giant mass moving ever closely (I feel its presence)
I thought that I could escape, but I’m floating here still.

I ran through the night, looking for a real easy going time.
Lady luck laid her lips upon me, I could’t find the words that felt right.
It didn’t matter if I was still alive (or dead)
I ran through the night, looking for the feeling that I was satisfied.
Track Name: Cold Sun
I’m a cold sun waiting on the evening’s reprieve, staring at the clock while a sundial picks my teeth
And I’ll wait until the rooster crows.
I’m a nice guy walking in a pair of mean shoes, coming round the block, but not the one I choose
And I’m waiting on a receipt to return, but that’s the one I lose.

She’s the mountain snow that settles on the peak
We’re the grass that grows in meadows through the week
We’re the time that flows and flows until it seeps
She’s the mother’s arms that all good children seek.

I’m a lazy Susan waiting on hot food, while greedy hands reach in to consume
And I fear that I have grown quite full.
I’m a big top circus with the highest trapeze, and I fall to my knees
And who forgot to string the safety net, the pain spreads like a disease

She’s the shallow stream that flows between my knees
Her soft sensation tells me she is pleased
She’ll run and run until she’ll reach the seas
I’ll bring a cup so I may take a drink.
Track Name: Squeeze the Juice
Let’s squeeze the juice, come on, come on, let’s squeeze the juice.
Squeeze that juice.
I should have known that you would squeeze me dry.
Sugar if you don’t want a sip, don’t squeeze that juice.
Track Name: Enthusiasm
I feel so alive when I float upstream, makes me feel alright, this could be a dream.
Separation of myself.
There’s a space between what is here and me, how can I enjoy what is here to see?
I’m a busy, busy bee.

And I felt alive when I thought I could be free
Freedom lives inside of me
And I felt alive when I breathed in deep
Deeply it runs.
Track Name: Sweet Girls
On a clear day, I feel nothing at all
But my shirt begins to rip as I feel your fingertips run down my spine
I become who you know.

I see flowers in the skies when I look into your eyes, I see such pretty flowers in the skies.
But I know that it’s true.

Feel the cool breeze, wash gently down my face.
And I’m feeling quite refreshed as my feet are firmly pressed upon my time
I’m floating away

In the daytime, I’m caught in a dream
I’m thinking about the way that your gentle, loving gaze would float right by
It’s nothing discreet.

You’ve brought me to my knees, but I know you aim to please, and I’m signing with the birds atop the trees
And I float peacefully
But I know that it’s true.

Honey, all I need is to feel you.
Cause I know that it’s true.
Track Name: I Feel Like Flying
I could feel like flying
I feel just like a child.

My life will fly right by my eyes
I realize I’m hypnotized
I’m not awake, I can’t be late
I’m rushing to an early grave.

Blue skies, I’ve been dreaming of blue skies
Fly away, I’ve been dreaming of sweet goodbyes.